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The Nature of Different Bike Locks

There are many reported cases of bicycles being stolen all over the place. These transportation devices are experiencing a re-emergence of their once popular status. There is need to get yours a good bike lock, to protect your investment.

When you go to buy the bike lock, you need to remember a few things. There is more to keeping the bike safe than simply slapping a lock on it. There are exceptional locks that shall make any thief’s efforts to steal the bike an uphill task. This mean that the more you can invest in a lock, the better the level of security it can afford you. Do not go for the cheapest you can find, since you will be inviting thieves. You at the very least need to have some form of lock on the bike.

There are variations to the locks available in the market. They are each good for specific occasions and places where you most likely shall be parking the bike.

U-locks draw their name form their close resemblance to the letter. They are the most common and also the most secure. They shall stop a thief who tried using heavy tools to steal the bike. You need to ensure that the prongs can fit your bike but leave as little room as possible. It should not be easy to insert a tool in between the arms to make it easy to break it. Their different sizes make it easy for you to select the one you need.

There is the cable lock variety. They are better at adaptability, but are less secure than the U-locks. They are good for places that do not have that many cases of thefts being reported. They also work well when combined with U-locks.

You can also select the chain lock. They are usually tough, and get tough areas their sizes increase. The chain is usually the strongest bit about it. The lock will be better when it matches the strength of the chain. It does not make sense to have a strong chain combined with a weak lock. It is usually a heavy setup that makes transporting it around a hard job to do.

You also have the choice of seat and wheel skewer types. These are light in weight and easier to carry. They, however, are the simplest to break. They are surprisingly popular in high crime rate areas, since they need some unique tools to break them open.

These locks are great for keeping the bikes safe. Their keys will also help make the bikes safer. They come in different levels of complexity.

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