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Activities Involved when Working with Concrete

Fine and coarse aggregates of gravel or crushed rocks and a paste of cement are the major composite materials that make up the concrete which becomes very hard over a period. The Aggregates of the crushed rock or gravel, cement and water are measured and mixed in a given ratio to ensure that a suitable slurry is formed without having an excess of one of the composite material. The cement and the water will chemically react forming a matrix that coheres the materials together into a material similar to a stone. The chemical process involved is referred to as hydration which results in solidification and hardening. There are other additive materials that can be added to the concrete to enhance the physical characteristics of the concrete either when wet or when the stone0like material is formed.

Concrete cutting, concrete pouring, and the making of concrete patios are some activities involved while working with concrete. The slurry is the one used during concrete pouring since it easily spreadable. A secured wooden perimeter form is necessary to make it on the surface to ensure ease of pouring concrete on the surface. Different materials available locally can be used in concrete pouring since the concrete is quite heavy hence equipment such as wheelbarrow can be used. Spreading the concrete when it is being poured is necessary to ensure that a flat surface is obtained. The flat surface can be slippery when wet hence various designs can be added to the surface before it dries to make it less slippery. Damage on the surface can be avoided through regular maintenance.

Making concrete patios is use of concrete. A space outside the house for activities such as dining and recreation which are paved to ensure effective carrying out of those activities is referred to as a patio. Concrete is mainly used in paving patios although there are other materials that can be used. When making patios, concrete can be patterned and designed in ways similar to those of other building materials. Uniqueness of concrete patios can be enhanced by adding base color, accent color and patterns into the concrete. Adding the colour and patterns into the concrete patios makes them last longer, they usually maintain the colour and it is usually less expensive than using other materials.

Concrete cutting is also an activity associated with concrete. It is important to have the right tools, and protective equipment to ensure that few or no accidents arise. Several tools and equipment blades for concrete cutting are made from diamond hence the best diamond blades should be using mostly those that are faster and long lasting. Having suitable personal protective equipment is necessary in ensuring that one does not inhale dust produced during concrete cutting.

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