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Be Informed about Air Purifiers and Why We Should Have It

Air purifiers are used in order to purify the air around us by removing dust, pollutants, allergens, contaminants, smoke, mites, bacteria, virus, pollen, molds, odors, gas, and so on. Because of the increasing air pollution, there is now a necessity to have an air purifier. It has now become a necessity for homes to have air purifiers especially if they have family members suffering from asthma and other types of allergies.

There are several brands that are coming out now in the market, with each having different specifications that makes it difficult for us to choose which one is the best. And so before buying a product, it is better that we are aware of the technology revolving around air purifier and what concerns it can address.

It is good to be informed of the technology used in air purifying which basically categorized into two, and these are the active and passive.

Passive technology would involve the purification of air done by drawing it to the purifier. The procedure then is that when the air is drawn through the filters that are in the purifier, the air is purified from the contaminants. To name a few of passive technologies are the generic filters, activated carbon air filters, electrostatic precipitators, and UV filters.

Active technology on the other side is the system wherein the air is purified outside the unit that purifies, and this would give a kind of effect in the air. Ionizer purifiers and ozone generators are the two types of active air purifiers.

There is also the active and passive technologies combination of which the purifiers in this technology is considered more efficient than those purifiers with the individual technology.

It is important that before you buy an air purifier, you are clear on the objective of your purchase and also at the same time check if the product in mind can fulfill your needs. This is for the fact that in every concern, a certain kind of air purifier can solve or may not solve it.

Allergies are one concern that most city dwellers would experience because of the dusty environment in the city. Examples like sand, pollen of plants and other particles of dusty air in the city are what generally persons are allergic to.

The next concerning condition is asthma which is a chronic breathing disease and the individual will have the tendency to suffer when air impurities are breathe in. Using air purifiers will not only filter the air from impurities but also be able to oxidize the surrounding air.

It is observed that in modern day homes, ventilation is very limited and thus air circulation is difficult, and this is where air purifiers can be of used.

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